The Amount Of Resin I Use For Rounds (circles) and Flat Surfaces


12 inch cradled round


Article By Tyler Carroll

Typing and some Wording Done By Ashley Moore.  

Hey everyone, this is just me typing up what's worked for me over the years.  This is just what I do.

 This is not an epoxy calculator for your countertops or anything like that. This is for art.

Maybe you have a formula that works for you. That's great!!   In this article though, I'm sharing what I do.   Specifically, the rounds!      Now if you were trying to figure out on a square or rectangular piece that you're doing, I've always used the formula 0.041 x sq. inches.     So that's length times width. That will give you your square inches.    

The Total Sq. in X .041 = oz. of resin needed. 

 The formula for circles is different, and I've done some of the math for you below. So, you can match up your size of your circle, and use the formula.   Now that being said, and I'm telling you that this is my method and by no ways a resin calculator, if you have different results, please share them with me.    Different resins may act different also, I know from chatting with Levi Comstock’s (countertop Fx)people that he likes more resin used.    Talking to Dave from pro marine over the years, they like you to use their resin calculator.   I've never really talked to rich or Sean at the epoxy resin store about this. Nor have I talked to Kevin at super clear epoxy about this.   This is just me and what I've done, and what works for me! 


Oz of resin per round board

Pi  = 3.14        

Radius = ½ of circle diameter -r

Sq. in =  r x r x 3.14  = total

Total x .041 = oz. 

Graph Key 

1) Round in inches   

2)  sq. in               

3)  oz. to cover


1)     2)           3)

12    113.04   4.63   

13    132.67   5.439

14    153.86   6.308

15    176.62   7.64

16    200.96   8.23

17    226.86   9.3

18    254.34   10.42

19    283.38   11.61

20    314        12.87

21    346.18   14.2

22    379.94   15.57

23    415.26   17

24    452.16   18.54

25    490.62   20.12

26    530.66   21.75

27    572.27   23.45

28    615.44   25.25

29    660.2     27.1

30    706.5     29

32    803.84   33      

34    907        37.2

36    1017      42      

38    1134      46.47

40    1256      51.5   

42    1385      56.77

44    1520      62.3

46    1661      68.1

48    1808      74.15



I always recommend mixing more resin than the suggested quantity. For example- for a 20in round I would mix a 14 to 16oz batch or resin.  The reason behind that is to have extra clear,  and to adjust colors to where they need to be at (strengths, Translucent or Opaque )


Aluminum Taped - With a damned border, the resin depending on type should coagulate/thicken as the pot-life time comes down.  So, what this means, for pot life, is at about 20 min into your project, you will have to pull the damn to get the resin to flow over the edges. Depending upon the type of resin “art/thinner” resins can take longer to coagulate.  That’s Just What I Do. 

So everyone that reads this, this is just me sharing helpful information that may help you out.  Like I said before, this is just what works for me. You can try it and see if it works for you too.


Thank You, Tyler Carroll