Cells and Lacing With Iceland White

Iceland White Cells and Lacing

By Tyler Carroll

Photo and Video Credits

Ezra Blair – Wildone Creatives

Villa – ArtByTode

Scott & Tamara- Art Tree Creations

Tyler Carroll- Resin Colors – Amazing AF Artwork


OK let's start this blog out with a video by Tamara at ArtTree Creations  in Australia.  This video will give you a good look at the pigment paste and a couple different techniques like swiping and heating the resin to create effects like Cells and lacing.   Basically, what happens is the white pigment paste breaks down with heat and movement, and creates patterns and depth better known in the industry as cells and lacing. 

Here is the Video with Tamara.  It’s Awesome, and she shows 3 different Techniques. 

 Ok.  So Now You've seen the Products.   Here Are Some Photos From The Aussies on What is Possible With The Iceland White Pigment Paste.   

Great Effects In The Resin.  And Multiple Different kinds used, From Art Resin to Dal-Chem.  


Next up is Ezra Blair from New Zealand.   I'm going to be completely honest; Ezra is one of my favorite artists in the world. She also sells Art Tree Creation products in New Zealand at Wildone Creatives.  She is an amazing artist, that has tons of talent and great color placement.  We talk all the time about Colors and art and what goes good together.   In her video, she shows the use of a heat gun to blow multiple waves on a wood serving tray. Ezra has got to be one of the best in the world. After the video Scroll down, and you'll see some of her amazing artwork! 



 Ezraezra beachezra beach


 ezra cheese board lacing

 Ezra is a Very Amazing And Talented Resin Artist!!!   Her Work is Outstanding, and Make sure You Check Out Her Facebook Page Wildones Creative 


 Last Up is Just Me.  These Days I Prefer The Torch and Tilt Method To Create Cells and Lacing.  My Focus Is Going to be On Multi Layered Paintings in the Future.   As Far as Resin's I recommend For cells and lacing... I love Thicker Resins.  ProMarine, Counter Top Fx, Poxy Top, Liquid Glass, And a Few others.  Just Remember, even if it Doesn't Say "Art Type Resin" doesn't mean it that it Cant be used to Create Art.  I have tons of Friends and Colleges That use Thicker Resin's, and Have Won Tons Of Art Awards.   Usually the Thicker Types of Resins Will Be Called Bar Top Style.   Out Of all The Resins I've heard Feedback About With the Art Tree Products I Sell, Stone Coat Counter Tops is One of The only Brands I have Been Told that Will Not Cell and Lace.   I've never Tried Stone Coat, so I couldn't tell you about results Personally.  Here Is My Method With The Torch And Tilt.

 So These Are The Methods I Know and Have Tried Myself In Previous Videos.   Some Results That People Are Getting In America With Iceland White Are Coming In.  Customers of Mine Love The Product, and Are Also Having Great Results. 

 Vegas Art By Bode- Aka-  Villa To me- Has Been Getting Amazing Results and Has Been Making Pretty Awesome Beach/Water Type Scenes.  The Thing about Villa Also is that she's Not Afraid to Try new Things that Others are Not Doing.  We Talk on the Phone at Least once or Twice a Week.  

She is also one Of my Brand Ambassadors too.  She Loves The Products!  Here Is Some of Her Work 

Villa villa

 Villa villa


So These Are Just Some Of The Amazing Results That Are Possible With The  Iceland White Pigment Paste.  

If You have Been Getting Great Results Like this with the Iceland White Pigment Paste, Feel Free To let Me know and Send me Some Pics.  

Thank You All Very Much, And I Hope This Helps You Out!!

Tyler Carroll